Dunhu Ramambo ( is a dynamic, rapidly expanding Safari and Leisure Group focused on developing and exploring opportunities in the regenerating Zimbabwean tourism and conservation sector. The business is made up of a number of safaris lodges and luxury houseboats situated around Lake Kariba and adjacent areas.

Pamuzinda, Chengeta & Shumba lodges are situated near historic Selous, named after the famous hunter, Frederick Courtney Selous, a small town just over an hour’s drive from Harare and a 3 or 4 hour drive from Kariba (or 1 hour in a light aircraft).

Company History

The company was established in 1998 by two UK based partners, both of whom have a life long interest in wildlife and conservation.  They acquired an established private Game Reserve situated near Selous. Upon taking control of the Reserve, they then built Chengeta Safari Lodge, a 17 room, 37- bed property.  Chengeta was conceived as either the first or last stop for tourists arriving or leaving from Harare as part of a Zimbabwe Safari circuit, encompassing stays at one or more of the many established world renowned safari and tourism destinations in the country including Mana Pools National Park (World Heritage Site), Victoria Falls (World Heritage Site), Hwange National Park, Lake Kariba, Matusadona National park, Great Zimbabwe Ruins etc.

This led ultimately to the Group acquiring a number of Houseboats on Lake Kariba and a key competing operation, Pamuzinda Safari Lodge, a Private Game Park and Lodge situated some 15 minutes drive from Chengeta Safari Lodge & Game Reserve. Pamuzinda had, in the 80’s-90’s, been a leading Safari Lodge operation in the country but had fallen into disrepair.

Pamuzinda Safari Lodge has now become the flagship of the Group and was officially reopened by the Minister of Tourism ‘Walter Mzembi’ in August 2011 after a devastating fire destroyed the original building in 2010 which was constructed some 27 years before. A significant redevelopment program in which each of the individual lodges has undergone a  complete upgrade, as well as a redesign of the interiors and the addition of tasteful fixtures and fittings.  Where possible the new rooms have been completely re-modelled to create ‘Garden Suite Rooms’ which integrate unique, individually designed private walled gardens, using locally sourced materials from within the game parks. These Garden Rooms include outdoor shower, day bed, patio and beautifully planted gardens.  Some with a private pool or jaccuzi.

Dunhuramambo have intentions of extending the Pamuzinda & Chengeta Parks to 20,000 acres and are already in the beginning stages by adding an IPZ (Intensive Protection Zone) of 500 acres to Pamuzinda Park in which we have already built a new dam for the introduction of hippo as well as rare Antelope species and Rhino. Chengeta fence-line has been recently replaced for the free release of Cheetah & elephant. Currently these parks are home to a large variety of plains game, buffalo, leopard and habituated elephants.


Many school children in uniforms standing formally
3 classroom blocks

Chengeta Primary & Secondary Schools

Dunhuramambo has made a significant commitment to our local community. During the last decade one of the tragedies in the country has been the near collapse of the state operated schooling system.  Many state operated schools especially in the rural areas outside the main cities ceased to operate completely due to teachers leaving the country, financial issues and many other devastating reasons such as HIV. Dunhuramambo has invested heavily since 2007 in building a primary & secondary school with sixteen classrooms, a Meeting/Assembly hall, Caretaker’s home, teachers’ houses as well as a sports fields and ‘O’ Grade play centre, all of which are on Company owned land & built by our own dedicated local building team.

We are proud to say that our dream has been fulfilled and as a result our flock has grown to over 700 children (May 2015) and in the near future we expect to be educating over 1000 children.

We at the Chengeta (meaning ‘to take care of’ in Shona) School now not only provide education to this vast community of local children but are also pleased to say that we have had a steady increase in all pass rates.  We have ensured the teachers have been provided with accommodation, basic transport and paid acceptable wages and in addition, we provide a proper meal daily as well as fresh/clean borehole water to all children and teachers at the school.

Dunhuramambo are conscious of the fact that HIV and AIDS have affected the world and especially Africa, which has the highest infection rate in the world. Witnessing the negative effects on our staff and the surrounding community (over 60 of the children in our school are AIDS orphans) has driven us to work hard to combat this disease amongst our staff and in the community at large.

The company, in conjunction with the Batsirai Group – a community outreach program that visits for 3-5 days’ periods several times a year- has an awareness and testing facility. We accommodate and feed the good people of Batsirai who run the workshops from our school assembly hall, where they do awareness work followed by testing and support for those individuals found to be HIV-positive.

We have further plans & dreams to build a clinic, supply electricity to each classroom and teachers homes, build a computer room with internet access, as well as a metal and woodwork block and a farming training facility. Much of this development has been achieved with the help and support of former clients of the company as well as friends and family of the 3 directors of Dunhu Ramambo.

If you feel that you can help in any way 100% of all & any donations will go directly into these projects, should you like to visit the school or are interested in donating please contact us through reservations or our Facebook page or contact one of our directors:
Phil Dobinson:
Albert Maasland:

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