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Our ever expanding portfolio of Lodges and Cruise
Boats to our fleet are listed below:

New Boats
Sovereign (10 Cabins)                                                                                                       August 2018
Nhingi (4 Cabins)                                                                                                              September 2015
Catalina (5-6 Cabins)                                                                                                        August 2018
Zambezi Adventurer (18 Cabins)                                                                                    Launching April 2019

New Lodges
Shashani Matobo Hills: 10 Mountain lodges & 12 tented bush camps                   Opening January 2019
Kulizwe Marina Lodge: 30 Bedrooms                                                                            Opening June 2019

Crowned Eagle Boutique Hotel 13 Rooms
Kariba Safari Lodge 9 Lodges, 8 Suites
Shashani Matobo Hills 10 Mountain lodges & 12 tented bush camps
Kulizwe Marina Lodge 30 Bedrooms
Sovereign 10 Cabins
Nhingi 4 Cabins
Catalina 5 – 6 Cabins
Zambezi Adventurer 18 Cabins
Crowned Eagle, Zambezi Cruise Safaris

Matobo Hills, Zambezi Cruise Safaris

Kulizwe, Zambezi Cruise Safaris

Hwange, Zambezi Cruise Safaris

Kariba, Zambezi Cruise Safaris